12.31.12 — Made it back to LA in time to see the Kehoes one last time this year.  Missed you Neil!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12.30.12 — Being bumped up to first class isn’t so bad… Never had a real glass on a plane before!

12.29.12 — Mexican Train with my family!

12.28.12 — Lots of delays in the Denver airport

12.27.12 — My first time sledding in 20 years!

12.26.12 — Playing Descent with Alex, John, Andy, and Jeff

12.25.12 — Out with the kids in Lincoln, NE.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

12.24.12 — Like father, like son

12.23.12 — Making Christmas cookies with Sue, Hal, and Alex!

12.22.12 — Leaving for the Reno airport

12.21.12 — Snowing in the outdoor hottub!  Not something I’ve come across in LA or Austin before!

12.20.12 — Fondue at La Fondue in Lake Tahoe!  So good!!

12.19.12 — First day in Lake Tahoe, and thought this was hilarious.  How does it know?  What if it’s still cold?!

12.18.12 — Our road to Lake Tahoe is paved in gold!

12.17.12 — Two of the best looking men I know!